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As classic as it gets. Try our sweet but light and smooth bundt cakes with a variety of flavors and even vegan options. Made with all-natural farm-fresh eggs, real butter, real carrots and real cane sugar. With no artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers. 

Located in Houston TX

Carrot Bundt Cake

Our signature carrot cake made with real carrots baked throughout. Each cake topped with cream cheese icing and toasted crushed pecans. 

Lemon Bundt

Bursting with sunshine and sweetness our lemon bundts are light, refreshing and topped with vanilla cream cheese icing

Chocolate Bundt

Looking for something to cure your chocolate cravings. Look no further than our rich chocolaty bundt cake. T opped with chocolate cream cheese icing and crushed chocolate chips

Funfetti Bundt

Our festive vanilla cake topped with cream cheese icing and sprinkles. This cake brings the kid out of you.

Blonde Bundt

Vanilla cake topped with caramel cream cheese icing and toasted pecans. Enjoy every bite of caramel goodness.

Red Velvet

Rich, velvety cocoa for that traditional Southern flavor.  Our Red velvet cake topped with cream cheese icing and crushed white chocolate chips. 

Strawberry Bundt

Fluffy, moist, and ever so good strawbery bundt cake. Each cake is topped with cream cheese icing and crushed white chocolate chips. 

Our Vegan Bundts

Everything you love in our traditional bundt cakes but with out the eggs and dairy milk. Only 4 flavors currently available. Carrot, Chocolate, Red velvet and Vanilla.